Enjoy’n San Francisco

Fog Snake
Looking out over a snake of fog running through, under and over the mighty Golden Gate, feeling the California sun uninhibited by our window, causing me to sweat out the last domestic cold for a while…Snaking Fog
Soon, we will be opening our own gate, and traveling in the opposite direction, East.  Having been two who have spent their lives trying to go West, this is uncharted territory.  Ironically, we’ll end up at the source of the transport ship trying to touch the painters working on the Golden Gate’s exfoliated paint.

What awaits us?  The internet is doing a good job answering this question…in 2-D. Can’t wait to answer it ourselves!

I’m expecting some crowded streets with people weaving in and out on their motorcycles.  Verdant countrysides with some areas of crystal clear water, with some near urban centers being less so.  Some social people looking to get insights on life, international relations, food, and the finer philosophies in life.  We just hope to be able to communicate especially about the finer philosophies.  The only place I’ve been where I can’t even recognize characters, I either spoke the commercial language, or was accompanied by a local.

Will we get lost in Angkor Wat? Float down the wrong river? Will we overdose on Pho that we’ll have to be rolled to the nearest hospital?  Hopefully the winds of luck will be filling our sails.

Two spots for some Young Pilgrims, left on the train, departing for the East, ALL ABOARD!
(Sorry, no pets allowed!)

Good Night San Francisco



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