Day 2: Rainy Day in Hanalei Bay

Sometime during the night, it starts raining, and the rain continues throughout most of the morning, with short – and sweet – sunny intervals that make every blade of grass glitter like a green jewel. Eric and his sister Karla camped with us, although “camp” is a bit of an overstatement in Eric’s case, as he prefers to wrap himself in a tarp in burrito-fashion and sleep directly on the ground.
We go for a dip in the ocean and afterwards head into Hanalei, where apparently Saturday morning is surfboard swap meet.
Swapmeet, Hawaii-style

Swapmeet, Hawaii-style

After hours of hide and seek with the rain and the sun, which follow in quick succession, Eric and Karla zoom in on a hefty 12′ board that can double as standup paddle board (SUP) and we go back to the beach.
The best of both worlds: stand-up paddling and surfing, on one board

The best of both worlds: stand-up paddling and surfing, on one board. Also, the raised posing arm runs in the family.

But not before I buy several papayas from the Big Save. I’m on a declared mission, on this trip, to stuff myself silly with those delicious small and fragrant papayas that grow on the Island like dandelions on mainland.
Back at the pier, I totally monopolize my friends’ board to SUP up and down Hanalei river and, through the river mouth, into the ocean. The rain picks up again, shrouding the river and its verdant banks in uncanny quiet, and as i paddle up the stream, Hibiscus flowers gently drop into the river, slowly changing colors from fluorescent yellow to warm, goldflecked jewel tones as the day goes by, and I feel like I’m in the right place, at the right time and wouldn’t trade it for a sunny day. But a half hour later the sun does burn through most of the clouds and it’s hot again.
Karla is an incredible swimmer and swims circles around me and the boys, who are surfing their brains off. When we get out of the water, we are all ravenous and we get burgers at Bubba’s, and then promptly move to dinner number two of burritos at the Mexican/Brazilian place.Yes. You counted right.
Clear evening sky above Kauai's mountains

Clear evening sky above Kauai’s mountains

Boards: One
Papayas: Two (these suckers don’t stand a chance)
Dinners: Also two!!! (I lost count of the carbs entirely by now)

Camelia, SUPer SUPper

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